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08/18/22 at 02:44:22 

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Silver wire and/or silver cartridge leads? (Read 496 times)
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Silver wire and/or silver cartridge leads?
12/14/21 at 21:50:39
Hello, I'm writing to ask if anyone has come across cartridges with silver wire and/or silver cartridge leads instead of the typical copper wire and gold plated leads.

I've tried searching for this online, but have wasted several hours already with absolutely zero success. So I'm hoping that someone may have either seen this and can point me to it, or that someone else has such a cartridge.

Presently I'm using a DV-20X high output. It's a phenomenal cartridge, so I'd only want to replace it with something "extra".
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Re: Silver wire and/or silver cartridge leads?
Reply #1 - 12/14/21 at 23:00:36
Ortofon does.  At least in some of the MC carts.  The Cadenza Blue and the Jubilee both do.  I have both carts but the Jubilee is a little hard to get your hands on since it's a discontinued cart.  I use solid silver HS wires and ICs with both but my tonearm is wired with copper.  They might have others too.

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Re: Silver wire and/or silver cartridge leads?
Reply #2 - 05/14/22 at 22:22:46

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