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12/07/21 at 09:08:42 


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HR-2 Update (Read 93 times)
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HR-2 Update
11/05/21 at 10:43:47
Just spoke with Bob from Turning Point concerning the upcoming new HR-2 speaker. First off, this is not a revision to the existing HR-1, it is a completely new speaker. Of course, the Omni 360 radial, forward firing midrange and tweeter remain as mainstays along with the passive radiator. However, all of the drivers are new and improved. The cabinet has also gone through some updates for increased bass response but remains essentially the same dimension wise as the HR-1. Bob, was quick to point out that he did a lot of work on the crossover to achieve his goal for a more natural, neutral and smooth sounding presentation including the use of new internal hook-up wire and Cardas binding posts. Speaker sensitivity is essentially unchanged.

To quote Bob “I went for the biggest and best badass sound I could get”

Now, we have a good news, bad news scenario and I always go for getting the bad news out of the way first. Here it is, there will unfortunately be a price increase after the first of the year. Don’t know how much, but gotta figure somewhere between 5 and 10 percent, right? The good news is, if you place your order before the first of the year you will lock in the current price for the new product.

In which case you have a win/win situation. First you get the new HR-2 model and second, for the current price that really applies to the HR-1.

Just to let you know….I just placed my order

Gets me a step closer, don’t you know
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