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12/03/23 at 01:40:17

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Questions on that "radial" sound (Read 471 times)
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Questions on that "radial" sound
09/20/22 at 19:04:34

I had a couple of questions about the "radial sound" from speakers like the HR-1, etc.

1) How well does it portray soundstage height? With so much of the sound being delivered "horizontally", it makes me very curious. My initial thought is that it would limit the height at least somewhat.

2) Has anyone heard any Q-Sound recordings on radial speakers? Are the sound placement tricks maintained by the radial designs? Anyone who has heard 'Amused to Death' on a good system will agree, you wouldn't want to lose that soundscape. What a masterpiece!

These are just somne idle curiousities. I really should make the trek up to Peoria next year after my upcoming move. I'll be closer to IL and nothing beats in person audtions of audio gear.


ps. I'm currently enjoying my Besty's and have some mad scientist ideas to DIY a larger version of them.
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Re: Questions on that "radial" sound
Reply #1 - 09/20/22 at 19:09:17
I had RL-1 and RL-2 and have ERR and two pair of HR-1.

You may gain, not lose, height of the sound stage.Even though I don't have my system set up to maximize sound stage I have a tall one.

I am not a Pink Floyd/Roger Waters fan and have not heard that album on my system. Can't help with the Q Sound query.
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