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10/26/21 at 06:42:37 


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ZRock vs ZBox (Read 145 times)
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ZRock vs ZBox
10/01/21 at 06:07:24
I would be interested in the differences between ZRock and ZBox. I found ZBox when I was looking for a proper tube buffer, but I quite quickly found ZRock. I think having ZBox with optional EQ sounds very nice.

So my intuition says that when EQ is not applied, ZRock should sound like ZBox, ie. "just" tube buffer. However I have seen some people using both together. Why is that? Don't they then apply the tube buffer side two times? Is there any other reason to prefer ZBox than price (and if one doesn't need EQ)? And if ZRock doesn't also act as a tube buffer, why does it have tube?
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Re: ZRock vs ZBox
Reply #1 - 10/02/21 at 15:17:17
Info on the zrock2 page seems to indicate you are correct.
Will the volume range be adequate in your system?
Do you have a gain/volume control on your amplifier?


The ZROCK2 is not designed as a preamplifier, it is assumed that you will have either a preamp or amplifier with a gain/volume control to actually adjust the volume in your system.

The way the ZROCK2s variable EQ knob was deigned is this:
From 0 to 1/2 way, the control acts as a regular volume control with no EQ.

At the 1/2 way point, the output level and the sound exactly match the way the ZROCK2 sounds when it is bypassed.

From this 1/2 way point to 3/4, the sound will get louder and the EQ slope grows proportionately.

From 3/4 to full the EQ slope continues to grow and high frequency attenuation starts to becomes apparent."
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