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01/15/21 at 17:14:48 


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Betsy baffles with a cherry on top (Read 1125 times)
Randy in Caintuck
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Betsy baffles with a cherry on top
03/02/20 at 19:10:14

In the past, I had resisted "gluing up" baffles with multiple sections of the same hardwood because I was afraid that the grain patterns would end up looking like a "dumpster fire" .....

However, after seeing some of the audio artwork that Steve has produced and making a couple of pairs of Lii 15 baffles from three panels of hard maple, I have decided that my fears were not warranted.

Today, I shipped out a pair of Betsy baffles made from three panels of cherry hardwood and they turned out well, IMO.
Of course, the photos don't do justice to the actual speakers ..... but I thought that I would share one with the forum readers.

Larger photo here.

My next project (as time allows) will be some glued up poplar that can be stained with a variety of wood stains or with a coat of linseed oil / beeswax.

Happy listening,

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Re: Betsy baffles with a cherry on top
Reply #1 - 03/02/20 at 21:59:37
Nice work, Randy! They look fabulous!
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Re: Betsy baffles with a cherry on top
Reply #2 - 03/02/20 at 22:52:46
👍👍👍👍 Looking good Randy.

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Steve Deckert

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Re: Betsy baffles with a cherry on top
Reply #3 - 03/03/20 at 15:26:52


Congrats on another fine looking pair of speakers!  Interestingly it was your glue-ups, in particular the Paduke and Wenge baffles you made for me that inspired the Big Betsy project.

After seeing more than one of my wood projects come out perfect and then months later warp to become firewood... wide boards make me nervous.  I can promise you that If I made 16 inch x 3/4 panels like you did from time to time, some would have turned into potato chips.  Even on the big baffles I have been making if the board is wider than 8 inches, I rip it in half.

Steve  :)
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