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02/26/24 at 13:50:15 

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ERR Impressions from long time Ohm user (Read 272 times)
Steve Deckert

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ERR Impressions from long time Ohm user
07/20/10 at 19:55:13

ERR Loudspeakers Review
by Doug from Illinois

ERR Loudspeakers

Extended Range Radial Loudspeakers by Decware
Shown with custom finish

My choice in coffee is  bold and black.  I try all kinds—occasionally.  The two I keep on hand to brew are Italian Roast and Komodo dragon.  Switching off or even mixing these two beans keeps me happy.  Yes,this is a review of Decware’s  ERR speakers and no,I don’t collect sports cars or even audio systems.

I do prefer radial speakers.  For many years I have enjoyed a traditional brand—wonderful “hall of famers” driven by an old SS Luxman amp.  Lately, what has caught my serious attention is Decware.  The zbox did such wonders in my system; the next step was the ERR’s.
Major audio purchases for me happen about every thirty years.  That could be
testament of my being a fool and not an audiophile or it could be the mark of
luck and satisfaction…  you judge.  Regardless, this system will knock your socks
off on all levels—emotion, accuracy, detail, oomph!  What the ERR’s bring to the table is just short of miraculous.  The perfect speaker does not exist.  If it did— it would only need two or three percent more of what an Ohm and an ERR gives.   Sorry, it’s just too difficult to avoid comparison.  Also difficult to establish is a preference!   Maybe time will give me a glimpse.  I will not say what the ERR’s lack.  Why give thought to minutia which might be correlated to a cable or a capacitor?  People do that and are smarter (maybe) for it.

The ERR’s excel in realism, engagement, speed, imaging, focus, and a trueness across the stated frequency response.  Their emotion and midrange are more alive driven by a Decware tube amp.  That I know from direct experience.  One thing that is becoming apparent in a subtle way as I log more hours with these wonderful speakers is the fact that “they are polite”.  There is nothing ugly going on within the sound as a compromise to what you get.  I will not drive them to extremes, but from the very quiet to the loud, they exhibit that nice quality.  Being very accustomed to the radial sound, I may be taking something for granted in judging these new ERR’s.  If you are new to the radial experience it will be the extra bonus!  Radial sound is a bit like the first time you listened to very good headphones.  In a room with radial speakers the mind is trying to make a visual connection to the source of the sound.  In that failed quest one gets caught up in the spaciousness of the music.  The illusion of three dimensions comes over you because the speakers disappear. (Walls disappear with great recordings.)  These things do not happen because you are trying to perceive the stereo image or because you happen to get your head into the sweet spot.   A small distinction for sure-- huge difference!  Armed with credentials to judge build quality, the ERR’s satisfy my critical
eye.   Aesthetically they please.  (I like to leave the tops off.)  Bob is a true craftsman.
All aspects of my purchase were smooth, well communicated and assured. My bet is that it will be that way again.  Thanks to everyone at Decware, especially  Bob Z.


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