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03/01/24 at 16:22:38 

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Ok, so I must be stupid. (Read 7365 times)
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Ok, so I must be stupid.
07/06/10 at 13:21:39
ERR's have arrived  ;D

Never thought I would need to ask this of a pair of speakers. But how the hell do you connect them. I really don't want to blow them 1st time out.

There are three sets of speakers terminals, the top two sets are linked by external capacitors. So

1 do I need Jumper cables to the top two sets or just a single pair to the bottom posts. I'm thinking the top two are ONLY there to allow for external resistors and are not used otherwise?

2. Any guidance on the various capacitors, what should each set do 3,5,10,15. 5ohm is installed as standard, is this because it is seen is the best match. A bit more advice than "try it and see" would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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Re: Ok, so I must be stupid.
Reply #1 - 07/06/10 at 14:25:30
Well, connect your speaker wire to the lowest terminals, no jumper to the top; pretty sure my IT Radials are set up the same as yours and that is how you hook them up. The other two are for the capacitors. You won't blow the speakers.

The capacitors limit the output of the tweeters. So the 3 will let out the most treble while the 15 would let out the least.  If you are very sensitive to the treble grain that is in most digital media, then go for a higher value. If you need to hear more treble, go lower.  So in a way "try it and see" is really the correct methodology but knowing that 3 means more treble and 15 less treble should help you move in the right direction!

I envy your enjoying the ERRs for the first time.  I think I'll have those moments soon!  Right now I'd settle for having AC. . . . My unit quit 2 weeks ago, I'm going to have a new one, but it may take 2 weeks yet to get it in and installed!  Fine detail and just the overal presentation in music is just not the same when all windows are open and fans are going!
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Re: Ok, so I must be stupid.
Reply #2 - 07/06/10 at 20:45:14

Congratulations, and my apologies...  I was lead to believe the instructions would be packaged with the speakers - seems logical to me too.

Anyway, here is the information you need.

The capacitor's value has been set at the factory.  It is only externally mounted for those gear heads that like to try different brand capacitors of the same value.

The resistor, on the other hand, is designed to set how loud the tweeter plays.  Changing resistor values will change the loudness of the tweeter.  The higher the value, the quieter the tweeter will play - the lower the value the louder it will play.  To play the tweeter as loud as possible, use a piece of wire instead of a resistor.

Most customers have left the stock values in place which would indicate they have pretty typical rooms.

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Re: Ok, so I must be stupid.
Reply #3 - 07/06/10 at 22:24:46
Thanks Guys,

maybe I'mnot so stupid after all  :) as I pretty much guessed it right.

Now to do some serious listening.
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Juan Antonio
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Re: Ok, so I must be stupid.
Reply #4 - 07/10/10 at 17:19:27
Looking forward to hearing your impressions about the ERR's. How was your customs experience from UK?

I'm scared of customs here in Spain.

I had to get them last year when they cost $1395, now $1699. That means in more shipping charge, plus the the risky customs adding 20% aprox of the total cost (EER's + Shipping).
Of course the best way is to arrange with Steve to purchase them by one, not buy pair. That eliminates many many problems. No doubts about it.

And of course the currency exchange Euro vs Dollar is very bad at the moment. Months ago USD 1,4 - 1,5  = 1 EUR. Now USD 1,2 - 1,3 = 1 EUR. The currency exchange of UK pound vs US Dollar is exactly the same, so, bad as well.

US people really must appreciate the great convenience to purchase Decware products. It's enviable.

But well, I'm not in insanely need of new gear after all, so I'll be waiting for the right moment. (The Taboo as well)

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