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06/21/24 at 18:10:09 

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Bias meter back light (Read 134 times)
The other Lon
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Bias meter back light
04/27/24 at 17:37:57
I received my Torii last Saturday. Just noticed the bias meter is back lit. However only when the right channel is powered up. If both channels are on or just the left the back light is off. Can I assume this is not the standard and it should be on all the time?
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ChJKy (Chris)
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Re: Bias meter back light
Reply #1 - 04/27/24 at 18:40:12
When I turn my MK5 on, I turn the left channel on first and let it the tubes light up. At this point the meter is not fully lit but there is a little back light visible.  When I then turn the right channel on, the meter lights up all the way. If I turn on the right channel first, the same thing happens. The meter light up a little bit but then fully lights up when both channels are on.

If yours is different, then that may mean yours is correct on mine is not...or vise versa. I know that I don't have any concerns with how mine is operating at all but knowing which way it should be is worth looking into.
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