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01/28/23 at 02:47:12 

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Trapezium - is this the right Decware speaker? (Read 32 times)
Chris B
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Trapezium - is this the right Decware speaker?
01/15/23 at 02:56:30

I have a large computer desk against a back wall, and side walls 2-3ft away left and right. I currently use KEF LS50 Metas at my desk and, frankly, it sounds pretty good.

However, I'm looking for something even better and based on what I've read, the Trapeziums might be right.

I'm interested in the best Decware speaker for this use case (on my desk!), and I'm not worried about the price. I would like to have speakers "better" than my KEFs and made in the USA (to the extent possible -- I know drivers come from all places).

Can anyone advise about the Trapeziums, which seem tailor made for my use case vs DECWARE T6, or Tube Tots, or DM945? I'm not sure if the Trapeziums (or the others) would be a step up from the KEF LS50 Metas -- but I hope so!

Also, I'm driving this with a Denon PMA-1600NE integrated amp, for now (it's a beast, but not a tube, sorry). I am also using a REL T/5x sub, so low-end is not a concern. I'm keeping the sub, it's great.

Thanks for you help,

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