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07/02/22 at 18:02:02 

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ZRock2 or 25th anniversary mods (Read 77 times)
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ZRock2 or 25th anniversary mods
06/17/22 at 21:34:10
For those that have both a ZRock and 25th anniversary mods on your amp, which made the bigger improvement?

On a budget and trying to determine whether I would benefit more from getting 25th anniversary mods on one/ all current Decware, or getting a ZRock2 (with or without mods) I currently have a CSP2+, SE84C+, and Mini Torii. I don't currently use them all together, but in separate systems.

I am on the waitlist for a n SE84UFO with 25th anniversary mods with original thought of hearing difference in UFO and mods compared to current gear, but I am now wondering if the ZRock will give me more improvement.

Thanks for your thoughts and experience, Jon.
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Re: ZRock2 or 25th anniversary mods
Reply #1 - 06/17/22 at 22:04:51
In my systems: the ZROCK2 is the more essential. But. . . if you are not having bass issues or have a rich midrange already, in a treated room perhaps, the Anniversary mods might be a better choice.
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