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ZKIT2 Monoblock Layout (Read 49 times)
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ZKIT2 Monoblock Layout
08/28/21 at 23:59:35
Hello everyone. †This is my first scratch build. †Iíve made about as much progress on my ZKIT2 monoblocks as I can until my back ordered diodes and Edcor transformers come in. †Iím soliciting advice on my chassis layout before I pass the point of no return. †The chassis are Hammond 8 X 10 aluminum. †Iím going to mount the tube sockets pretty much directly above their PCB locations using †wires as short as I can get away with. †The transformers and tubes will be all thatís mounted on top. †Does this layout look feasible? †Is there a better alternative? †The RCA input wires will only be a couple inches long and shielded. †I will twist the heater and AC wires. †Do any other wires require shielding or twisting? †Should the output from the transformer to the binding post be twisted or shielded? †Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated!
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Re: ZKIT2 Monoblock Layout
Reply #1 - 08/29/21 at 01:39:02
Decware amps have the opt wires twisted.
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