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10/23/21 at 02:18:19 


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High Fidelity Sound Labs (Read 202 times)
Steve Deckert

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High Fidelity Sound Labs
06/19/21 at 05:13:19

This is a teaser... a new hi-end analogue tape label division of Decware that will be debuted at this years DECFEST on Oct 1st, 2nd.

It's going to be a good winter!  If you enjoy the Tidal and Qobuz version of this great artist, wait until you experience the non-limited masters. The sound is so much more "there" despite how good the Qobuz versions sound, this is of course in another league altogether as you would expect for the price. This particular master was used to set the volume leveling in Roon to 13 dB meaning that it has 13 dB more dynamic range than the loudest streams and in the case of this specific album which had very little limiting on Qobuz, the master still has over 6dB more.  Put that on a Zen amp and some Lii Audio Reference 100dB speakers and it will literally be like being there live when it was recorded.

The web site is still under construction, however you are welcome to check it out while we finish it.



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charles hidalgo
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Re: High Fidelity Sound Labs
Reply #1 - 07/08/21 at 14:36:21
Congratulations! Very cool!

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