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04/11/21 at 04:29:37 


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UFO with GoldenEar Triton 1r (92 db)??? (Read 146 times)
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UFO with GoldenEar Triton 1r (92 db)???
03/12/21 at 20:08:51
SmileyConsidering purchase od a Zen UFO but curious if they'd be a good match for my Triton 1r's. Anybody have this setup or care to offer an opinion? Mostly acoustic Jazz and female vocals at an spl range of 75-85 db.

Currently being driven nicely with a pair of Cary Audio Six Pacs (50w)

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Steve Deckert

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Re: UFO with GoldenEar Triton 1r (92 db)???
Reply #1 - 03/13/21 at 01:44:23

The answer would depend on how far away you sit from the speakers, and how loud you listen... but my guess is it would just make it at about 3 meters distance.  Anything less would be louder.

Two things will change.

Low volume performance will likely improve and the amps ability to make a speaker disappear makes it possible to near filed listen and have it sound like the speakers are 20 some feet away.  

Those two factors, plus the speakers have powered subs... probably work rather well at normal volumes.

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Re: UFO with GoldenEar Triton 1r (92 db)???
Reply #2 - 04/04/21 at 16:47:05
I have a Triton 2 and my Zen Ufo2 powers it just fine. It's a great match, never felt the need for more volume.  I have the Schiit Aegir as well but prefer the more natural sound of the Zen amp.  I seat 7 - 8 ft in front of the speaker.
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