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03/06/21 at 13:18:46 


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Transformer blown.  "Not worth repairing". (Read 120 times)
Peter L
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Transformer blown.  "Not worth repairing".
11/22/20 at 10:48:47
Hi, Steve and all.   I purchased my Zen Triode Integrated (S/N #59) back in 2003, and enjoyed it happily for many years between London, Tokyo and now I'm in Hong Kong.  

Unfortunately when it arrived in Hong Kong.  I forgot that, even though the amp says 120v/240v at the power input, the switch to set the amp to accept the appropriate voltage is manual and is tucked away inside the machine.  The fuse went. I replaced the fuse, set the voltage switch appropriately and tried again with no luck.  Left channel is completely dead. I had it sat on the shelf for a few years meaning to get round to fixing it.   I took it to a local place yesterday.  There's a thriving community of audiophiles, used gear shops and repair shops in Hong Kong.

They told me the big transformer on the left channel was blown.  And that I should replace both of them to match the sound (seems fair),  but the cost would be around $400 for parts, and probably another $600-700 in labour, bringing it to a total of over us$1000 to fix.  Again, assuming there weren't other components that needed replacing.  They had a bunch of used mass-market tube amps lying around that they were selling for less than that, so their advice was just to get another amp.

Now firstly, I don't want to compare a mass-market PCB tube amp with the glory that is a hand-made zen triode amp... but also the cost seemed a bit steep, to me.

Can you advise what options I have?  I'd consider shipping the thing back to you if repair were an option at a reasonable cost. Am I chasing a lost cause?
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