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09/27/20 at 05:13:02†


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any cons to leaving amp on 24-7? (Read 204 times)
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any cons to leaving amp on 24-7?
09/16/20 at 21:55:13
As the title says......

Thanks, Brad
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Re: any cons to leaving amp on 24-7?
Reply #1 - 09/16/20 at 22:08:18
Many people including Steve say the amps keep getting better with age.  My guess is part of that is the heat/energy cycling that happens.  There are people reporting when you get a ZR2 or ZStage that unplugging them over bight for the first few weeks helps them season faster.  

Tubes can get pricey quick. I would prefer to save some money on replacing tubes by turning them off over night.  

Often my amps are on 12+ hours a day and they happy glow day in day out.

I donít feel comfortable leaving them on when Iím going to be out of the house for more than 30-45 minutes.  

Not really an answer more of things to think about.  

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Re: any cons to leaving amp on 24-7?
Reply #2 - 09/16/20 at 22:49:11
Hi Brad. Like groovy said, I would not leave the house with a tube amp on. Too risky.

I generally cut my units on just before I get ready to play music. It will be fine to leave them on all day, but I want to get as much tube life as possible. During the work week, mine are generally on 3 or 4 hours, and on weekends, prolly 6 to 8 hours.
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Tommy Freefall
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Re: any cons to leaving amp on 24-7?
Reply #3 - 09/17/20 at 00:26:24
There are days when I'm running my amp for 15-17 hours straight, but I always cut them off for sleeping.
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Re: any cons to leaving amp on 24-7?
Reply #4 - 09/17/20 at 00:34:05
Iíve left mine on 24/7. Now I turn on early in the morning and turn off at bedtime. I use the amp for TV audio.
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Re: any cons to leaving amp on 24-7?
Reply #5 - 09/17/20 at 01:56:01
This topic has come up before.  I suggest you do the math using your local electric rate.  Besides the questionable ethics of wasting electricity, the cost might surprise you.
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Re: any cons to leaving amp on 24-7?
Reply #6 - 09/17/20 at 03:06:29
What would be the pros?
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Re: any cons to leaving amp on 24-7?
Reply #7 - 09/19/20 at 04:38:29
Iíve gone back and forth many times over 50 years of audiophilia, usually based on how many tubes were in my system and how expensive the tubes were. †Currently, my most expensive tube, out of four total system tubes, costs about $200, with all four CSP3-25 tubes retailing for about $400. †Because I have so few tubes now, I pretty much leave all components on 24/7, knowing that I can listen at any time with the system at peak performance. †All components in my system are well seasoned, but it still requires an hour or more warm up time for the system to perform at itís best, so I simply leave it all up and running. †If I had 12, 16, 20 or more tubes in a system, as I have had at many times in the past, I would probably turn all off nightly. †For me, itís more of a financial decision.

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