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08/15/20 at 12:27:34 


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Rewind Voice Coils? (Read 75 times)
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Rewind Voice Coils?
07/25/20 at 06:20:06
I recently read a comment on listeners preferring JBL professional speakers over residential models when the driver compliment was the same, and the cabinet was the same, except the drivers in the pro models had 16 ohm voice coils, while the home models had 8 ohm.

The commentor said:
"In my opinion 16 ohm components carry less current for the same efficiency and the overall current related flux modulation distortion is lower in the Studio Monitor series, therefore they sound cleaner and more civilized when compared to consumer grade speakers."

This is fascinating to learn. It reminds me of reading that the old field coil electromagnet speakers of the 1920s & 30s were often listed as 500 ohm. I sometimes come across a reviewer saying: after hearing field coils he is never going back to permanent magnets ever again.
     I have wondered what made the field coil speaker sound superior, I now wonder if this business of less current related flux modulation distortion is the answer.

This all leads me to ask:
Can voice coils be rewound to greater resistance? Is there typically room on the VC former for the extra windings? If the magnetic gap is too tight for adding windings, perhaps whittling out a new former on the lathe is not difficult. I don't know.  I imagine it calls for a machinist's metal lathe instead of a carpenter's lathe to get the precise dimensions, even though the VC former is not made of metal.

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