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11/27/20 at 02:58:52 


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Cause of transformer hum (Read 538 times)
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Cause of transformer hum
06/09/20 at 06:04:38
I've dealt with hum in my Torii MK IV. It's audible from the amp and speakers... Easily heard from 10 feet away. It doesn't increase in volume as the volume is increased until the knob is turned up 85% or more and then it buzzes...but I would never turn up the amplifier that much. I've tried different cables (interconnects and power) to no avail. Magnets, to no avail. Different tubes, to no avail. I have a dedicated circuit for the outlet. I've tried different types of conditioners, including DC offset... Same refrain. And, yes, I've unplugged all the other components from the outlet.

I've heard my circuit breaker box could be noisy...what a headache that would be.

I'm also in a house with Romex and knob & tube wiring...the system is on grounded Romex. Even though it's a separate line, could nearby appliances (refrigerator) cause the problem?

I'll consider all suggestions and try what makes sense. It may take a while to try them and report back, but I will report back with the results... please be patient. When listening to music it isn't noticeable except at low volumes, but it seems logical that it would affect the level of a black background.

Thank you,

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Re: Cause of transformer hum
Reply #1 - 06/10/20 at 13:10:41
I've been riding out current events at my sister's home.

Recently we had a very strong storm that knocked out the power for half the day.

Before the storm the ZMA hummed and I could hear a hum from the speakers.  I'm also running a 230v ZMA on 115v power so there is a step up transformer. That also buzzed very loudly.

After the storm the system is dead silent. I'm guessing what ever they replaced to get the power back on was going bad.

All this brings me to maybe you want to try a regenerator. At my place which has terrible power quality. I run a PS Audio SP3. It powers Torii MKIV, PS Audio DSD, Teddy Pardo power supply (for small DC stuff)

I do want to upgrade to a P12 not only do people report that it gives even more improvement in sound it also delivers a lot more power.

If you do want to give one a try I suggest calling them and seeing if they can work a deal with you.

Even if you didn't have a hum I would suggest a regenerator for the SQ improvement.

Decware also makes an isolation transformer. I've not used it so cannot comment of the efficacy if it.


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