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10 Amps of Fully Balanced Isolation

M o d e l   Z L C


Hand made in the USA and sold whosale to the public with
L i f e t i m e   W a r r a n t y  !



The Zen Line Conditioner is a heavy steel case with a huge toroidal transformer to give you high current and 100% isolation from the noisy power grid that's making your stereo suffer!

It features six audiophile grade power outlets, each numbered and individually switchable making it easier to turn your components on and off in the correct order.

Also, a removable power cord socket (IEC) is provided so that if you are using hi-end power cords, you can use one to feed the device as well.

Unlike normal (non-toroidal) isolation, the Zen Line Conditioner emits no RF and has no vibration or hum!  It is very high mass and has quality rubber feet so it is also self-damping.



The rear of the unit features a power indicator so that you know at all times it's getting power from the wall outlet and what the voltage is.


  • Fully balanced output where both the neutral and line are isolated from the wall outlet. This improves safety and blocks all the harmonics and noise from the power grid to greatly enhance the focus, imaging, and liquidity of your stereo.
  • 10 amps of total output so that you can plug your entire system, including large amps, into the device without worries about drawing too much current.  This eliminates grounding problems, ground loops, hum and noise associated with ground issues.
  • Individual switching allows you to selectively turn on or off any component from a central location.
  • Completely passive operation means there is nothing to break, no moving parts, no fans and no noise for absolutely silent operation.


One of the biggest headaches in the hobby of high-end audio is noise and hum. The largest contributor is having your equipment plugged into several places, or into power strips, which have similar results.

Each place a component is plugged-in has different contact pressures and resistances leading to ground that create small or in some cases large ground loops that make your system hum.

Having everything plugged into a single place, like the Zen Line
Conditioner, creates a single-point ground scheme that not only
eliminates ground based hum issues, but also improves the sound of your entire system with blacker backgrounds.

Many homes are miss-wired and have the neutral and ground bonded together mistakenly in one or more outlets that can and do create current on the ground line causing irreconcilable hum issues. The Zen Line Conditioner will create a perfect haven in such an environment because it isolates the ground and neutral.


The Zen Line Conditioner features heavily shielded noise filtration on the input IEC device to kill incoming noise and keep it from reaching the inside of the steel cabinet where the toroidal transformer lives. Once the power is cleaned, the transformer magnetically decouples it and then feeds the various outputs. A single beeswax cap is used on the secondary to multiply the noise rejection without creating any artifacts.

Some people will wonder how this approach compares to a power re-generator so it pays to know that a power re-generator is a large power amplifier. It simply plays a 50/60 cycle note (sine wave) instead of music. It is, nevertheless, an amplifier whose performance is affected by incoming power quality just like anything else therefor it would make sense to plug a power re-generator in the Zen Line Conditioner.


The build quality speaks for itself... when you lift it, you 'll know.  When you plug something into it and the grip on the prongs is stronger than expected, you'll know.  When you listen to music without grain, you'll know and when there is ZERO hum or vibration... you'll know.


This product is hand-built in the USA by DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering Co. It comes with a lifetime warranty to the original owner. If you purchase one second hand and ever have questions or technical problems we WILL be happy to check it out for you and service it if needed for a very reasonable rate.

We also have a support forum with many people who own our products who's experiences you may benefit from.

Weight 26 lbs.
Dimensions 5.75" H x 8" W x 10.5" D
Switched Outlets
6 Audiophile Grade
ISO Type
Max Power
Max Load
8.7A @ 115VAC
95% at full load
Dual fuses
100~120VAC 50/60Hz

NOTE: This unit is not available for non-North American plugs.


We offer this unit with a 30 day money back trial
so you can
hear one in your own system!

R E A R   V I E W

M o d e l   Z L C 

Hand made in the USA and sold whosale to the public with
L i f e t i m e   W a r r a n t y  !