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10/29/20 at 00:03:45 


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Capacitor upgrade Dm946- WOW! (Read 257 times)
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Capacitor upgrade Dm946- WOW!
05/31/20 at 00:11:12
The Dm946 is a fine, musical speakers that is great at a great cost. There is no crossover network just a single Clarity PK cap 3.3mF 25oVDC. The Pk is a decent capacitor yet on the bottom of the line in Clarity's lineup. The newest top of the line Clarity Film caps is the CMR series.

Last weekend , I had the Pk;s removed and the CMR's installed. These like a lot of caps required break in time so they can "Form."

At first listen I was not liking it yet I knew the caps need to break in. I hooked up a Solid state receiver and played music for many hours, then shut it down for hours, music back on, shut it down all week. Last Night I listened and wow, what am improvement. The SQ has improved in a lot of areas. The ambience and openness is better, the resolution is better, the Mids, HFs and and even the LFs seem better.

The resolution, hearing the extra detail is what i love the best and i expect it to get better as more cycles of off and on occur. Highly recommended.

Get the 3.3mF 400 VDC caps. i got mine at Parts Connexion on Ontario Canada. You will love the improvements.
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