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05/26/20 at 00:04:05 


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Wicked One step 7 45 degree cleat (Read 125 times)
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Wicked One step 7 45 degree cleat
03/26/20 at 02:09:49
I'm using manual 01, Rev 7/2011 plans. On step 7, there is mention to "make sure you install a small 45 degree cleat to this inside corner. Usually 3/4 x 3/4 inch works well."
The arrow is pointing just below the green intersect line that comes off of the black bottom right to top left middle line. However in the picture of the first page of the instructions the cleat appears to be sitting on the right side wall if the horn is facing away from you. There isn't any information on how far up the wall the cleat goes nor are there any intersecting lines on the right hand or left hand walls. The pictures don't show any support in that corner  or any corner. How far up the sidewall is the cleat mounted?
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