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05/27/22 at 00:07:38 

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ZTPRE & C lass D (Read 1327 times)
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ZTPRE & C lass D
03/22/20 at 02:42:26
Please does anyone use the ZTPRE with a class D amp? Was thinking about doing this. Really curious on what someone’s impressions are on what it does to the sound. If your using it with Solid State which one are you using it with?
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Re: ZTPRE & C lass D
Reply #1 - 02/24/22 at 14:06:13
Your question has languished unanswered. I can't answer specifically as I haven't used a ZTPRE with a Class D amp. I have been using lately a Chinese amp with a German chip--the manufacturer both says it uses a German chip as used in "chip amps" and that it is a Class D amp, so I'm not sure which it really is but. . . I'm using it with a CSP3 with Anniversary mods and a ZROCK2 and to be honest the sound comes very close to the Taboo Mk IV with Anniversary mods I stuck it in place of, just lacking the "roundness" of instrumental image that Taboo dishes out. It makes up for that with gobs of power and a bit of a warmer signature.

So my guess that the ZTPRE would also really make this amp shine, though so far I have only used it with Decware amps (I love it, very much, I keep thinking I should get the Anniversary Mod on it but. . . it's so hard to imagine my system without it even for a few weeks!--I live to listen to this system as is!)

I know that with its cost and the long long wait it's taking a chance, but my guess is that if you have a Class D amp you really like you'll like it even more with the ZTPRE.
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