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09/20/20 at 12:55:59 


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Decfest 2020 (Read 1579 times)
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Decfest 2020
03/17/20 at 01:44:18
Is it still on? October seems a long way out, but you never know.
It seems like everything else in the world has been put on hold.
As of tomorrow here in Illinois we can't even go out to eat.
Gloom and doom!
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Re: Decfest 2020
Reply #1 - 03/17/20 at 02:36:26
Same here in Ohio. Hope things will be better before October!
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Re: Decfest 2020
Reply #2 - 03/17/20 at 09:24:34
Pittsburgh is no different. Seeing a lot more of the grandkids is a plus!
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Re: Decfest 2020
Reply #3 - 03/20/20 at 15:47:29
in my opinion, the reaction to this is absurd. way overkill, based on the fear quotient.

nonetheless, the world has the *&^%&$$##!! red chinese communist gov't to thank for their deceit and lies. THE RED CHINESE LEADERSHIP AND THEIR MILITARY MINIONS IS THE PROBLEM.
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Re: Decfest 2020
Reply #4 - 03/20/20 at 17:08:23
I'm going to strongly disagree with the above.  The virus is the issue not the Chinese and to a lot of us over 65 this is a very real threat.  I live in WA where the the rate of reported infection is skyrocketing with a death total as of yesterday of 74 people. just to note the death rate in Italy  has  already surpassed the deaths in China. Also be aware that Italy has more hospital beds and healthcare professionals Per capita than the USA but didn't react fast enough and they were overtaken by sheer numbers of infections.  Hopefully by October we can look back and talk about how we dodged a bullet and the measures that seem so extreme now were enough to allow the hospitals to accumulate the resources needed to treat  us.  I was actually planning on going to the 2021 Decfest which would be after I retire and hoping to meet some of you who have shared their knowledge and experience on this site.
Be safe and wash your hands.  

WA deaths is up to 83 attributed to Covid-19 today
As of Saturday Covid-19 deaths have reached 94 in the state of WA
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Re: Decfest 2020
Reply #5 - 03/21/20 at 18:05:43
They just locked down St. Louis City and county starting this coming Monday.
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Tommy Freefall
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Re: Decfest 2020
Reply #6 - 05/11/20 at 21:16:55
Texas is open for business, baby!
A week ago I went out for Tex-Mex and Margaritas!
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Re: Decfest 2020
Reply #7 - 05/12/20 at 18:57:59
I'll cut a beer hole in my mask.
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Steve Deckert

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Reply #8 - 07/19/20 at 18:42:45

Regrettably due to our state and many others being in phase 4 limited to gatherings of 50 people Decfest will be cancelled this year.  We will hope for better luck next year.

Instead of our 3 day and night audio fest the first weekend of October, we will have a 3 day and night sale on Decware gear that weekend.

The money you save by not traveling here for the event, plus the discount coupon could very well put a new component in your collection which isn't a terrible compromise.

Coupons will be emailed to everyone on the list.  (customer appreciation list).  If you're not on the list you can get on it here:  


Don't worry we only send out coupons and product announcements maybe half a dozen times a year so your inbox won't be getting jammed up with spam from us.

Thanks for understanding.

Steve and Crew of Decware.
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Re: Decfest 2020
Reply #9 - 07/21/20 at 17:21:05
Steve....I hope you plan to still hold a modified virtual Decfest.  I have listened in virtually to every Decfest for the past 7 years and really enjoy the music variety of the livestream.  

While it won’t be the same, guys could still get a chance to hear a variety of speaker and amp combos.  Maybe you could post a variety of time slots that you would feature a certain speaker and amp and play music through them for a few hours, then switch it up to a new amp/ speaker combo.  

Just a thought....but maybe you could create several master Qobuz/Tidal playlist that forum members could add to before the event, breaking it up by genre. Or have members create their own mini public playlist,  keep it to like 10 songs, and then that way you could select from those playlists as material.  

Just tying to get the creative juices flowing so that way we could enjoy some great quarantine Decfest music and still share in the experience of Decware sound.

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