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04/01/20 at 17:59:05 


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Who has a Taboo MK IV, a ZBIT and a ZROCK2? (Read 81 times)
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Who has a Taboo MK IV, a ZBIT and a ZROCK2?
03/10/20 at 00:08:50
Hello all,
I'm new to the forum. This is a great place! I'm in the midst of completely changing my pathway in the audio hobby, just sold my Rogue Chronus Magnum  pp amp and Martin Logan ESL's......just out my order in for a Taboo Mk IV and  ZBIT since I have a source with XLR (Bryston BDA-2 DAC mated with Bryston BDP-2 player). I also have order a pair of Omega XRS floormounts and customizing them with the 6.5" ALNICO driver.

Im toying with the idea of also ordering a ZR2.

2 questions:
(1) I don't have a preamp. Do I really need one?  Pros & cons?
(2) Does anyone have a Taboo Mk IV, ZBIT and ZR2 as their main system?

I ordered the Taboo to also mate with my Audeze LCD-3F headphones, but will use speaker duty as much as headphone duty.

Thanks for any input!

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On order:
Taboo MKIV-25th
Omega Junior XRS w/6" ALNICO driver
Cords/IC's: DHC-1, DSR-II, BC Silver XLRs.

Current: Audeze LCD-3F, Bryston BDA-2 DAC/BDP-2 Player, Blue Circle Line Cond., Spkr Cables: Cable Research Lab Copper, ZenSTYX
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