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05/27/24 at 20:32:13 

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Turn around times . . . (Read 1892 times)
Billy Wonka
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Turn around times . . .
05/04/19 at 22:33:36
for an assembled version?  Does this amp have any top end roll off that a lot of solid state "tube sounding" gear seems to have?

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Re: Turn around times . . .
Reply #1 - 05/07/19 at 00:22:19
We have assembled Zkit60's in stock, so turn around time should be minimal...whatever Sarah takes to process the order, pack the amp and ship it.  Probably also play it one last time just to be sure.

My immediate answer to your roll off question was "flat, 20-20khz" but then I remembered all the recent talk about super tweeters and it got me wondering, so I set it up and measured it.  From 20 - 20khz Vo/Vi is flat plus or minus 1/2 db.  At 50khz its down 2.2 db.  At 100k its down 6.3 db.  The low side is quite impressive also, down .5db at 20 hz, down .8 db at 10 hz, and down 1.1 db at 5 hz.  All tests were conducted with 8 ohm dummy loads, 2 channels driven, power out 6 watts rms per channel (1/10 the power rating).

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