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Repair of level meters (Read 3009 times)
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Repair of level meters
12/18/18 at 06:09:32

Iíve owned my ZDSD since April of last year and absolutely love it. While I purchased it mainly to rip high rez digital from reel to reel tapes via my RS-1500, playback has been pure joy.

Over the weekend I was setting up to do another round of transfers and I noticed the bank of amber LEDs in the level meters have stopped indicating.
Iím wondering how owners have delt with repairs not related to the Decware output stage. Anyone experienced pushback from authorized repair shops for service due to the additional internal hardware?

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Re: Repair of level meters
Reply #1 - 12/20/18 at 17:09:40
I have owned mine for 3 years and 10 months. Exactly! Analog to HiRez SD.

Yeah, warranty is void and out of warranty now anyway. However, might be worth cracking open locally by someone and investigate.

I'm planning ahead for mine to go down completely, by having a ZBIT ready to go for my next DAC. OR, I can extract the output stage from my ZDSD to a breadboard/project box and apply/have wired, to my next DAC.

I might get a new Tascam unit (when my ZDSD goes) so I can continue SD cards with Tidal!
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Re: Repair of level meters
Reply #2 - 12/21/18 at 02:33:40
If you havenít tried it yet, do a factory preset to see if that might fix the problem.
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