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10/01/23 at 10:25:04 

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New ZDSD Firmware (Read 3176 times)
Jeff of Arabica
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New ZDSD Firmware
12/06/16 at 06:49:12
For any ZDSD owners out there, I happened to pop onto Tascam's website and noticed a new firmware, version 2.0 was posted about 6 weeks ago.  Looking back at the prior firmware, I noticed it has been ages since the last firmware update.  

I never know how well documented the release notes are on firmware updates.  Sometimes they list everything in detail while other times they are sparse and vague.  It didn't seem earth shattering in terms of what was described in the release notes, but it is v2.0 and not v1.2 so I went ahead and updated the firmware.  Generally moving from 1.X to 2.X in the software world denotes a major update.  

One thing worth noting is you can only update the firmware using a Compact Flash card.  I had to rummage through my old computer junk drawer to find one since everything is on SD cards now.  The ironic thing is the new firmware (2.0) will allow you to update future firmware with SD cards.  Didn't help me this time.  Oh well.  It was stupidly easy to update.  

So far it is running well.  No issues thus far.  Anyway, just thought I would pass the news.

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