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12/07/21 at 09:50:33 


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DM945 as Rear Channel Speakers ? (Read 7571 times)
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DM945 as Rear Channel Speakers ?
03/12/15 at 00:03:24
Anyone have experience using the 945's as rear channels speakers in a 5.1 setup?  I only use the HT system for movies (& TV), have a CSP3 & Taboo 3 for 2 channel (headphone only listening).

If Steve or DeVon is reading this...Are the speakers in stock?  What be the lead time if I wanted a more exotic finish and what veneers are available?


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Re: DM945 as Rear Channel Speakers ?
Reply #1 - 03/17/15 at 18:09:29
I have not used these as rears or even heard them, but I can tell you from talking to Steve when I was going to order some DM947 Monoliths that Cherry is in stock (or they try to stock all the time) and any other wood is about 3 month lead time average. I would love to hear an all Decware amp/speaker surround system. Keep us posted on your project please. Happy listening, Chris.
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Re: DM945 as Rear Channel Speakers ?
Reply #2 - 10/30/21 at 08:13:12
One of the questions that may come to mind is whether you can use any speakers for surround sound. Fortunately, any speaker can be used for surround sound with the proper connection to a receiver with matching impedance ratings (ohms) and appropriate placement in your home theater space.
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