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04/14/24 at 06:30:55 

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Zen TORII Mono demonstration video (Read 5035 times)
Steve Deckert

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Zen TORII Mono demonstration video
11/13/12 at 03:31:30
As some of you know who've been here, I have a pair of microphones hanging from the ceiling in our listening room that I use to broadcast the audio portion of the Decware Zen Fest each year...

The nice thing is these microphones never move and have been proven to be suitably capable of revealing the differences between amplifiers and loudspeakers. When feed directly into my 24 bit digital recorder even compressed MP3 files sound good enough to get the point across.  In fact it works so well during the live hi-res broadcast each year that I've often thought about making a series of videos using different combinations of our gear to let people hear it virtually.  Of course that takes a lot of time and (go figure) I'm still short handed around here.

Nevertheless, to cut my teeth a bit on the idea, I made a video of the new Zen TORII Monoblocks in my listening room using my vinyl rig as a source and the MG944's as the speakers.  I used the room microphones and set up a 24 bit recording of the demo that came out really nice.  Of course on the video, who knows what it was compressed to so when you hear the video... just imagine how much better the 24 bit master must sound!

I just think it's cool to be able to record the room itself - since it is the single biggest part of the system!

Here is the link:


Hope you enjoy it!

Also, here is the link to the 60.04 MB 24 bit audio master:


The audio master may not be here long because the audio bots will find it and flag it for copyright violation in some countries... but you can always just buy a pair of Zen TORII Mono's and make one yourself!



P.S.  When you view the video on YouTube don't forget to switch the resolution to HD because YouTube plays a low res version of it by default.
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Re: Zen TORII Mono demonstration video
Reply #1 - 12/26/12 at 17:12:21
I just watched the video and became disoriented in the scene where Steve walks away from the turntable. The room is 180 degrees off! I've been to his place 3-4 times and I know when I'm facing the fireplace (north) the turntable is to the left (west). In the video everything is scronchways, (sorry for the technical term).
I must have too much time on my hands for that to weird me out.
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