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10/24/21 at 00:23:27 


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34.1 TREBLE AMP. (Read 4635 times)
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08/02/10 at 03:47:57
There are a few of us out there that still own the original version of this amp, and want to use it in thier systems. Fortunately, due to the cce mod, there is a justifiable reason to keep this amp. But better yet, I have an idea that will make this amp the best it can be in my system. The idea is that if I combine it with my Velodyne SMS1 bass management system, the 34.1 won't have to deal with bass frequencies that take most of it's power. Also, the speakers that I am using will not even try to reproduce anything below maybe 60hz. Ok, so I want to cutoff the low frq info at about 80hz by adding capacitor somewhere in the input of the amp. I have measured the zin at 101,000 ohms, making the value to be about .022uf....It has been advised that this impedance is not to be trusted accros the whole freq spectrum(thanks dank). So, adding a resistor to ground may help improve the stability of this impedance, and additionaly help the component driving the input as well. So now two questions arise; 1)what value of resistor and cap will work(dank also answered this as well, but I want to be safe with a 2nd opinion). 2)At what point in the circuit (after the volume control) would be advisable.
 Wow! I don't want to be too long winded, but it is hard for me to be concise when details are important.
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