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05/11/21 at 18:07:58 


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CSP2 questions (Read 2443 times)
Steve Deckert

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CSP2 questions
05/10/10 at 23:02:03
Hello Steve!

I'm interested in your csp-2 pre/headphone amp; all though I did have a few questions about possible configurations:

1. I'd like to biamp with my current setup.  From what I've read on the website, this unit can be configured with two sets of preamp outputs, which should suit me just fine.  I was curious if both the outputs would be controlled with the voltage pots?  Ultimately what I'm asking is, will this thing work in a biamp setup without any compromise like it would in a normal single amp setup?
2. Also, in this same vein, would it be possible to have two sets of preouts AND mono outputs for a sub or center?
3. I plan on using this unit as much as a headphone amp as a preamp and have AKG K-702's.  You've mention on the support forums that these headphones should be driven fine with this amp, but from what I've read from other forum members, and other forums, this amp struggles a bit with lower impedance headphones like these.  Now, I've also read that you can make some adjustments to compensate for this?  I was wondering if it would be possible to perhaps put separate high and low impedance 1/4" outs?  It seems that there is another slot in the case work to do something like this.
4. Can the attenuator option be installed at a later date?

Thank you

Hi Chris,

Yes, the CSP2 comes standard with one stereo pair of outputs and one mono output.  We can replace the mono output with a second stereo pair.
Both pair would be evenly driven by the variable output controls.  There would be 100K of isolation between the two pair of outputs.

Regrettably there is no additional locations for jacks beyond the configuration above.

The issues with driving lower impedance phones were solved shortly after the CSP2's debut by adding a 150 ohm resistor to the headphone out jack.

The attenuator or any mods for that matter can be done at a later date, yes.

- Steve Deckert
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