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07/12/24 at 11:47:58 

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Some feedback (Read 5642 times)
Steve Deckert

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Some feedback
07/15/09 at 16:18:28
Hi Steve,

I finally got around to installing into my Abbeys the DRF-65s you made for me over a year ago....I was re-motivated by a grandson toddler crunching the whizzer cone on the stock pair I've had for 5 yrs w 1000+ hrs.  The velcro-held grills I designed didn't match his strength...I now have grills that are screwed on and off so the mod-65s will be safe from his grip.

Before installing the DRFs I broke them in on a t-amp/ipod in 5-6 hr sessions over many weeks for over 150 hrs.  While I did not A/B the stock/DRFs side-by-side as I had planned, I've grown quite familiar with the sound of the stock and here are my impressions:

The most obvious improvement is in the highs...must be those tube phase plugs, but much more focus and location on the highs now.  Second, the bass is noticeably tighter and punchier.  Third, the DRFs seem to have less mid shout/ring than the stock.  Finally it seems that the DRFs have a subtle and slightly lower SPL than the stock, although this may be due to age and break-in "looseness" of the old stock drivers.

Overall a not-so-subtle improvement...thanks!



Thanks for the feedback... I've gotten similar feedback from every Abby owner who has tried them!  While a typical 9 pin preamp tube is standard, I find that using a longer 9 pin tube, such as an EL84 for example, makes even further improvements in focus.  

The efficiency does go down a bit, but in reality it stays the same.  The perception is due to reduction of midrange peeks that were adding an artificial presence.

Please keep us updated with any further observations you might have as you continue to use them.

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Re: Some feedback
Reply #1 - 03/19/11 at 18:51:49
dear Steve   I have also built a pair of voight pipes to install your DFR65 and am thrilled ,not the bass response of the audio nirvana cast 10's which i also own and built (2.8)'s . I have a Zen on each, new one from you via Jeff Collura and a earlier 2004 ( serial 249) select from audiogon . Needless to say im  veeeery happy with both systems . Question is how long for breakin of the DFR65. Sounds great now , with only about 50 hours on them . thanks. reason for building the pipes? wanted to see what a 1930 design sounded like..............
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