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05/26/22 at 18:17:41 

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This might be THE DRIVER for the Imps (Read 4470 times)
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This might be THE DRIVER for the Imps
02/03/09 at 19:46:04
Hi All, I have the old corner version Imps and I was getting ready to broom them.  I had the EV SP-15 driver and the vocal range was great but the kick drum was weak and everything below 50hz was non-existance.  Cosmos came over with a pair of JBL 136As and we installed them.  On one cab I did cut out between the rear chamber and the dead air space.  Once the drivers were installed, I was floored by what I was hearing.  I am getting usable signal down to 16hz and strong signal at 20hz.  We tried one channel at a time with my signwave CD and the one cab that still has the devider between chambers dies at 40hz.  I will cut that out this week.  If I turn the volume up, I am getting signal at 10hz!!!  I am not kidding about this, many people have come over to hear the system and agree.  I cross over at 700hz to a pair of Edgarhorn Tractrix with JBL 2441 Compression drivers.  The upper vocal are really rich, smooth, and detailed with no drop off between the woof and the midhorn.  It remains as flat as I've heard all the way down, except a big bump at 60hz which is room related.  My room is 20 X 30 with a an "L" into another room at the end.  I just can't say enough about these drivers.  I am really hoping someone else tried them soon.  The home version of the 2231 is the 136 which was used in the L200 Summit.  I don't know if it was used anywhere else.   As soon as I get an in-room measureing set up going, I will post the results.  Cheers and please post if you use them.  

Here is a link to the sale materials


Here is a link to the T/S paramiters.  It is on page 4.

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