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05/28/22 at 23:10:06 

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Imperials: matching throat, chamber size to driver (Read 3991 times)
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Imperials: matching throat, chamber size to driver
02/16/09 at 17:34:14
Hey all,

I posted a series in the Audio Forum DIY speaker category, but really it could have gone here.  I have tried a number of drivers in my 1952 Imperials, and have tried to understand some of the math/formulas too.  If interested, please check this thread:


The short version is that there is a formula for calculating throat dimensions, and the apparent matches/mismatches I found seem to correlate with subjective impressions. Most BLH throats are too large for the drivers!   The same seems to be true with compression chambers, which ought to be a lot less than the driver Vas to get compression prior to the throat.

I believe one could do a more efficient search for the right driver by going this route.  I'm currently using an Altec 515E with earth-shattering results.
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