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If there were an award for Most Relentless R&D - this speaker would be a top contender.  The first model appeared on the scene in 1998 based on a proprietary radial driver technology invented by Steve Deckert and manufactured by Bob Ziegler.

This technology spawned a host of different loudspeakers starting with the RL-1's which we'll sadly always remember as the speaker that debuted on the very day the Twin Towers Collapsed on 9-11-2001.

In the eleven years that followed there have been four models of the Radial Loudspeaker, each receiving rave reviews and all of them still in service today.  But behind the scenes was a secret model that no one knew about because it was constantly being perfected so it was never released.  Fully qualifying as the product of an obsessed mad scientist's dream this is the phenomenal result of Bob Ziegler's ten year secret project that consumed literally tens of thousands of hours of his time.

The HR-1's come from a long lineage of Radial loudspeakers and are clearly a product that exemplifies the technology to it highest potential.

Read the rest of this page and find out why we've gone to so much effort to bring this nearly perfect speaker to market. 

Steve Deckert - owner DECWARE High Fidelity Engineering

The secret is the the omni 360 degree wave front made possible by the hand built Radial Drivers.  Because the energy from the driver is spread across 360 degrees, wall reflections will have only a fraction of the energy that regular loudspeakers have in any of the typical reflection points. 

Of course we all know wall reflections are what kill a well focused sound stage and prevent pin point imaging with regular loudspeakers and that putting acoustic treatments on your walls (that actually work) can cost more than the speakers themselves!  Since very few people want to hang ugly quadratic diffusers on all four walls, the Radial driver technology is going to sound superior in the vast majority of rooms.  Regular speakers simply can't compete and this is how we know it has better sound.


92.5 dB with 1 watt at 1 meter
32Hz ~ 22kHz
4 ohm nominal impedance

50 watts RMS/150 watt PEAKS
Minimum amplifier size 2 watts.
14 x 14 x 38 inches
41 lbs ea.
6 inch radial driver
6 inch mid-range driver
4 inch ribbon planar tweeter
8 inch passive radiator
Pre-loaded plinth bass design

As good as the Radial design is, when compared to an articulate forward firing driver in a conventional cabinet where the driver is pointing directly at you, there is a loss of mid-range presence.  The Radials have an organic and laid back mid-range... one that lives in a huge three dimensional space.  That said, the  original radial designs would often put you in the tenth row back from center stage even if the recording was more up front and immediate.  For this reason we tried combining the radial driver running full range as it always has, with a forward firing mid-range driver. 

Our first attempt was the RL-3's which got rave reviews, but despite the positive press, still had minor issues with the blending of the different drivers on different axis's.  This made it somewhat troublesome to set up right in a given room. Getting it right would give the same insane imaging of the original Radial, same organic mid-range but with a tangible mid-range presence that remains true to the recording. It only took another 8 years of relentless development and several UN-named prototypes to get it perfect.  But with the HR-1's it is, and you have truly the best of both technologies blended so seamlessly you will never hear the speaker itself, only the sound hanging in the space called your room.

These speakers are so neutral they truly ARE difficult to hear.  They simply vanish as soon as you turn them on.  Excellent at low levels, great micro detail, but very surprising dynamics and scale when turned up a touch... and from such a modest sized speaker.  You won't find anything lacking, nor will you need a sub-woofer.

These are not "hi-fi" speakers of the typical stereotype, you know, smooth and beautiful but you always know your listening to a speaker...  the HR-1's have the speed and refinement to resolve some amazing fidelity -  so much so that audiophiles from the world of great horns and audiophiles from the world of great electrostatic panels will both feel very pleased when listening to the HR-1's


  • A speaker worthy of the very best - even insanely expensive amplifiers.
  • A speaker smaller in size for a perfect disappearing act.
  • You won't find many speakers that look better than these.
  • A sound based on perfect frequency balance, time alignment, and imaging.
  • High efficiency so you can now own a really good lower power amplifier.
  • Super easy setup - they disappear so well you can't screw it up!
  • Nothing images better, not other omni's, not other conventional speakers.

The radial project started in 1996 as part of our room acoustic tests.

Turning Point Audio, appropriately named in this time of diminishing expectations, is dedicated to preserving the Art and Old World Craftsmanship that is the polar opposite of most of today's mass production. 

All TPA loudspeakers are hand made by the same master craftsman

that produce Decware Loudspeakers.


Bob Ziegler
Bob Ziegler

Mike Ziegler

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