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05/30/23 at 22:57:38 

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Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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04/27/18 at 03:13:57

I thought I would take this opportunity to let those who are new to Decware know that we do listening appointments all year long by appointment.  All you have to do is call a day or two ahead to confirm.


Also once a year we also host a 3 day and night audio fest aka DECFEST aka DECWARE ZEN FEST here at our shop where people from all over attend. People have amazingly flown from Russia, Australia, Africa, Canada and all over the USA to listen to great music and experiment with different gear combinations not to mention grilling some great food, drinking some good spirits and even camping out on the grounds!  Many yeas we would find patrons passed out in the listening room from pulling all nighters!

The link below is a playlist of speaker demos on YouTube all done in the Decware listening room.


During the winter we will also schedule on weekends... in the summer almost never. Evenings are no problem and recommend for serious listening sessions. You are welcome to bring amps or speakers or cables to make direct comparisons if you want.

Just use our contact page to phone or email us!

Steve Deckert

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