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08/18/22 at 01:44:24 

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NEW DNA610 (Read 351 times)
Steve Deckert

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06/08/22 at 04:56:12

The DNA has been redesigned for the iconic Diatone 610 wide-range driver. The sound quality is like comparing aged filet against grocery store stakes. It has the most wonderful tone and speed that even if it didn't image it would be a big winner. But, not only does it image, it has an insane soundstage that layers back to infinity. Instead of seeing how low it can go we focused on where the music lives and how to make that sound the best possible in a crossoverless single-driver horn. So unlike the first two that had less roll in the low frequencies, this model is rated at 55Hz. It sounds like a downgrade, but it's actually a huge upgrade where it matters. I am working on the web page now.

Here is the new measurements.


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Re: NEW DNA610
Reply #1 - 06/18/22 at 16:47:24
Hi Steve,

Glad to see you're looking at a DNA refresh. Not that I'm unhappy with the pair I built but I'm always looking to improve. I built mine over 4 years ago (see "New DNA Build" dated 1-8-18) and although I have owned Tekton and Audio Nirvana OB speakers at the same time, the DNA's are still my favorite especially for their size which is perfect for my room.

I listen primarily to jazz and bluegrass and with my SE34I.5 amp find the DNA bass quite adequate but it looks like the 610 bass might not be as good, correct? On the other hand midrange tone is a top priority and maybe sensitivity will increase which may allow me to use an SE84 amp. I'm also wondering whether I will be able to upgrade my DNA's? Is it just a matter of modifying the baffle for the new drivers or are there internal changes to the cabinet?

Best regards,

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Re: NEW DNA610
Reply #2 - 06/18/22 at 21:18:43
I too built a [air of DNA2 speakers a couple years back and used Mark Audio 12P drivers. Overall, they are the best speakers that I have had in this room. The bass is surprising, but 'if' I built yet another pair with less bass, it would just right to add a sub. If I can cross over at about 80hz, that would be perfect.
But for now, I am struggling with some of my electronics, trying to match them for best sound.
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Re: NEW DNA610
Reply #3 - 06/25/22 at 15:55:24
I have an UFO25 and ZROCK on order and expecting it to arrive in late summer 2022.  This will be paired with my Caintuck Baffles running the F15 driver.  Randy's Baffles and the F15 have sold me on the crossover-less driver and the realistic experience they deliver.  While they do a great job, I've had my eye on the DNA, DNA2 and super excited to see the DNA610.  Along with the UFO25 and ZROCK, these would be a retirement gift to myself and something for the whole family to enjoy in our main family room space.
-How is the pairing with the UFO25 and the DNA610?  
-With the UFO25 and ZROCK, how does the low end compare to the baffles with the ZF15?  
-Will these have an end-cap Padauk wood option?  

I'd love to hear what you would pair together.  I should note, the size of the DNA is ideal for my room.    Thanks!
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