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08/18/22 at 03:37:26†

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I found butcher block with no finger joints (Read 331 times)
Sam S
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I found butcher block with no finger joints
05/17/22 at 22:07:05
This seller of butcher-blocks is in Oroville, CA
(2-hour Driving distance for me)

Thickness starts at 1 3/8. then 1 3/4, 1 7/8 and even 2 7/8 !
These are Mahogany - not sure what that would sound like, but I will probably try it in 6 months or so with the Lii Silver 10.


And another page with slightly different boards. not sure how they are different:

If I ever succeed, I will report back.

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Re: I found butcher block with no finger joints
Reply #1 - 07/09/22 at 16:20:59
Thanks for sharing, Sam! Iím planning a trip down near there this fall and this might fall on my project list. Seems like a really good option. Let us know how yours turn out.
Not sure how they would compare to the Masters but Iíve owned a few mahogany guitars over the years and they all were very heavy with massive sustain.
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Same Old DD
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Re: I found butcher block with no finger joints
Reply #2 - 07/09/22 at 22:20:13
His prices seem astoundingly low compared to what I can find locally, with oak, maple and walnut.
I understand his product is based on composite planks, but I'm OK with that for what I will need.

Great find for you folks out west.
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