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04/11/21 at 04:43:36 


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Decware DSR IC's W/Xhadow RCA Connectors (Read 23 times)
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Decware DSR IC's W/Xhadow RCA Connectors
04/03/21 at 05:51:49
I have had my DSR IC's for quite some time now and have been very pleased with the results.  Mine are/were terminated with the standard connecters and I've often thought about how much difference there is with the DSR's that are terminated with the Xhadow connectors.

Recently I purchased a pair of pre-owned DSR's terminated with the optional Xhadow RCA's because I just had to find out what difference there is if any.  There definitely is a difference and it's not a small one at that.

So I decided to change the RCA's on the remaining DSR IC's.  Parts Connexion has a sale on so I purchased enough to do all the IC's, even one spare.

Changing these is a real pain.  Tonight I put back the second set of IC's now with the Xhadow RCA's which runs from my ZDSD to my ZR2.  The set that started this runs from the ZR2 to the CSP3-A.  After a couple of hours there was once again a further improvement and as they burn in they continue to improvement.

I was told that production of the Xhadow RCA's and Xhadow connectors has ceased.  Not sure if that is the case but if it is and you're considering getting the Decware DSR's, I strongly suggest that you opt for the Xhadow option while it is still available.  Next I will be changing the RCA's the DSR that runs between the CSP3-A and the UFO25.
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