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04/11/21 at 06:04:21 


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Streaming Jitters (Read 598 times)
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Streaming Jitters
05/08/20 at 15:33:08
   Not one to normally post thoughts, I felt like I should relate my experience from switching to streaming from my computer to a dedicated streaming device.

    After riding the upgrade merry-go-round for a few years, I've never thought of myself as an audiophile and I've never been completely satisfied that I would ever get the sound so many of you write about on this forum.
   At 64 years old I now consider myself a budding audiophile who can actually hear some of the micro details and understand what can be done.
   After moving to smaller quarters, I decided to stream music through an older computer wired to the Decware converted Teac Dac to my Rachel and the sound was comparable to CD quality with much less hassle and the ability to access and explore music through Tidal was most important to me...so no more vinyl or cd although vinyl was nice but too much work for me.
  Enter Steves post about streaming and I decided to try and improve the sound by buying a Cambridge Azur 851n.  The second I turned it on, I knew there was a change and after listening for awhile it was easy to convince myself that the sound was not only an improvement, but I can hear much more detail etc. and the biggest most transformative change was a lack of jitter, which I never fully understood until it was missing.  Extending notes are smooth, passages that I used to hear slight wavers are tight and musical...Wow!
  Now instead of hoping an upgrade to the  SE84UFO25 will improve the sound to my expectations, I know that the improvement will likely blow me away again although the Rachel is now spectacular and I'm glad my confidence in Decware equipment all these years has taken me to the spot I consider the jumping off point to start working on fine tuning my sound and being able to appreciate it all the more.

   The streamer is running through Decware Silver Reference cables to the Rachel to Heresy III speakers via an older pair of ZStyx with DHC power cords.    

   A very big thank you to Steve for putting the excitement back into my listening experience!
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