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07/05/20 at 15:30:41 


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My SE84UFO and ZROCKII (Read 346 times)
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02/29/20 at 02:53:39
OK, my ZROCKII arrived yesterday and today I thought I'd play around, hook it up and see what it sounds like. Now, I could have sworn it made my system sound magical. It could have been a placebo effect-I say this because my speakers are still being constructed and one of the drives is in a partially completed enclosure and the other driver is just sitting on the table out of the enclosure.
The one in the enclosure, does not have the bottom on, so the bottom part of the enclosure is sitting on a floor. The top isn't sealed, no does it have and insulation. The front part of the baffle is $2 cheap plywood that I am using to decide on how many ports I will use.... and the ports are just holes in the front, with no port tubes.
So I play The Girl from Ipanema, Kush life by Kurt Elling, a few songs by Harry Conick Jr. Oh my God! The sound is really amazing. I can only imaging what music will sound like once my speakers are complete.

Thanks Steve. Even though I bought my amp used, the wait for the ZROCK was well worth it.
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