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08/18/22 at 02:04:04 

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Zen Triode Amplifier / Zu Audio Speakers (Read 3608 times)
Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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Zen Triode Amplifier / Zu Audio Speakers
12/11/19 at 16:54:34
Hey Steve,

An update:

When UPS brought the unit @3:00 on Thursday, I immediately unpacked it. It was so well packed the wrap job alone was worth purchasing the unit. Of course I had to plug it into the system right away and watch those bottles light up. My CD set-up was then plugged directly in-no preamp.

I tried to play small ensemble, high quality recordings so as not to push too much, too soon…  Jobim’s Wave and Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue… FANTASTIC… full, smooth, detailed and effortless sound through my Zu’s. Made my little Tube Cube 7 sound well … little!

I started in on making pizza for supper for my wife. She wanted some Christmas music and so I have a Billboard’s Top 50 disc of Original Christmas Music: Jingle Bell Rock, Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,  Elvis’ Blue Christmas…. I will tell you though, you have not lived until you’ve heard he Chipmunk Song on your SE84 amp .. MAGNIFICENT!… lol.(My wife actually knew all the words, too)

On Friday I couldn’t help but hook up my CJ PV5 because I wanted to hear how LP’s would come off. Man-oh-man what a sound … the amp started to open up more with the pre in the signal chain.. the pre is rated at 2.5 volts (see attached Owners Manual) and was one of the top pre’s of its day: https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Audio/80s/Audio-1984-08.pdf    . Classical LP’s from Boston Pops, Philly Orch were full of color …huge … panoramic .. and detailed like “Panavision” for the ears. I said to myself “Self, it ain’t even broke in yet!”

On Saturday: My wife loves to shop and I was looking for a more extended listening session so in order to pursue my passion, I needed to encourage her to pursue hers. Needless to say this audio thing could get very expensive if I want to really sit and listen!  The highlight of Saturday night was when I decided to crank it up at night as you suggested… 9:00 PM was as late as I could… The Philly Orch’s recording of Ravel’s Bolero .. the best on record. Huge, overwhelming, clear and detailed as a bell. The SE84 really acquitted itself well ... breathing with the recording.

I’ve come to the early conclusion that this is  the best audio I’ve ever owned/had in my home and/or heard in anybody else’s home. Decware does not disappoint! …

I’ll be back…
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Don Vito
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Re: Zen Triode Amplifier / Zu Audio Speakers
Reply #1 - 01/17/20 at 18:22:02
Set up:
Speakers: Zu Audio Omen MKII DW's.
Amp: Decware SE84UFO
Pre: Conrad Johnson PV5
CD: Cambridge CXC Transport/Schiit Modi 3 Delta Sigma
      From my backyard: Decorative "Magic Rock" to stabilize Modi 3 (LOL)
LP: Systemdek IIX 900, Profile Arm/Signet AM50 Cart
Tuner: Luxman TU110
Interconnects: Homebrew Mogami Neglex

6 weeks:
The above previous review was the email I sent Steve right after taking delivery of the SE84UFO in early December. Now I'm 6 weeks in and have observations.
i) The SE84UFO has exceeded my expectations.
2) My low watt/high efficiency set up would not be possible and/or as musically satisfying without the Zu speakers.
3) Combining some of my older elements with the up to date, refined but even older "Back To The Future" approach of both Steve Deckert at Decware and Sean Casey at Zu has brought a new level of audio excellence to me after almost 60 years of listening.

Together the amp and speakers form a synergism of open clarity, natural timbres, spatial ques, dynamic range and frequency response unlike any system I've ever heard because of the amp design which extends to both ends of the audio spectrum with fuller dynamics and the single point source of the Zu driver. The speakers allow the amp to breath with the music dynamically and the sound to arrive at your ear in a more natural way ... all of it in much the way live sound does in 3D!

Digital or LP, recordings from the 50's up to the present all are giving me micro detail I've not heard in them before. It's almost like buying new records and CD's. Take Five/Brubeck, Boston Pops, Philly Orch and really any recording made with vacuum tube recording equipment sounds so open and natural as they were intended to. Later, solid state multi-track recordings remain very musical and listenable and the latest digital recordings take on a very analogue character. I can hear all the minute differences in all these recodings from different eras but all have become very listenable.

Steve advises taking "The Zen Experience" and wait until late at night when ambient noise is low and let some favorite recordings rip! I did this last night with The Eagles 'Til Hell Freezes Over, Miles' Kind of Blue, and Four Play's Greatest Hits CD's and  LP's:Philly Orch's American in Paris, Boston Pops/Earl Wild's Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F and Tony Bennett's Greates Hit's Vol.II Across all genre's and decades my system has gotten me closer to the "you are there, true to life sound" than anything I've heard in an "in home" audio system over these many years.

I bow to the courage and sagacity of guys like Steve and Sean Casey who have fought the industry hype and propaganda of decades to deliver far superior audio and ...at practical, reasonable prices to the consumer.

Don Vito ...
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Re: Zen Triode Amplifier / Zu Audio Speakers
Reply #2 - 05/25/21 at 06:50:20
Thanks for the step by step tutorial. Works like a charm! The solution worked for me thanks to the community and the members for the solution.
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Mike Hughes
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Re: Zen Triode Amplifier / Zu Audio Speakers
Reply #3 - 08/02/22 at 22:21:17
I’ve 16ohm Zu Soul Superfly. I believe the Omen DW are 8ohm. I’m inclined towards the SE84UFO 25th anniversary but is that going to be enough to power my Zu?

I’ve a vague recall of reading that Sean Casey says not. As I’m in the UK I don’t want to add myself to the very long list of eager buyers and find I’ve made an expensive mistake. Thoughts?

I’ve emailed Zu and they reckon 1 restricts the dynamic ceiling. Thoughts?
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