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Mini Torii II compared to its full-sized kin (Read 1891 times)
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Mini Torii II compared to its full-sized kin
07/22/18 at 01:39:15
Hey all,

Iíve been listening to a MT for more than a year now and love it. Iíve been thinking of sending it in to get the UFO transformers put in. Before I go that route, however, was wondering if anyone had any input as to how the MT sounds compared to the full-sized Torii or even Torii Jr? There seems to be quite a few posts in the forum comparing MT and Zens, and even MT vs Rachel, but little that Iíve seen providing clues to the mini and the full sized Toriis. Anyone have an experience with both?

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Re: Mini Torii II compared to its full-sized kin
Reply #1 - 09/05/18 at 01:12:35
The Mini compares very well to the Torii and Torii Jr. Personally I slightly prefer the Mini to the Torii. I havenít had much experience with the Torii Jr, but having heard it a few times at Decfest and being very impressed I never thought that Iíd rather have it than the Mini.

As youíre happy with your Mini Iíd suggest sticking with it, youíre not missing out on anything other than power. The UFO upgrade is worthwhile for sure, although not a must. I still own a Mini II that Iím very happy with. The Mini III is noticeably better in most situations though.
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