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Wicked One Diver Selection (Read 1719 times)
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Wicked One Diver Selection
03/02/18 at 20:17:51
The Wicked One Driver guide is "The ideal woofers are those designed for box sizes between 1 and 4 cubic feet with an fs around 30Hz +/- 10Hz."  

The DHB-108b had specs of:
Fs: 40.8 Hz
Vas: 1.87 cu. ft.
SPL: 90.5dB 1W/1m
RMS / Peak: 275/400 Watts
Magnet weight: 56 oz.
Max rms SPL = 114.9dB

The Eminence Kappa Pro-10LF 10" Professional Subwoofer has specs of:
Fs: 39 Hz
Vas: 2.58 cu. ft.
SPL: 91.6dB 1W/1m
RMS / Peak: 600/1200 Watts
Magnet Weight: 105 oz.
Max rms SPL = 119.4dB

Good match???

Or for 12", the Kappa Pro-12A has specs of:
Fs: 37 Hz
Vas: 4.27 cu. ft.
SPL: 97.1dB 1W/1m
RMS / Peak: 500/1000 Watts
Magnet Weight: 80 oz.
Max rms SPL = 124.0dB
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