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Six Moons review of the Betsy baffles (Read 3158 times)
Randy in Caintuck
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Six Moons review of the Betsy baffles
02/12/18 at 19:59:51

I was recently informed that my buddy George in Washington State was visited in his "home demo listening room" by Stephæn ..... one of the Six Moons reviewers.

George has placed an ad in a local paper advertising the Betsy baffles as part of a high quality budget audio system and enjoys sharing music with those who visit.

The review was a delight to read ..... at least from my perspective .....

The link can be found here.

Included in the review are the "audition sites" where the Betsy baffles can be heard "in person" ..... including a link to the Decware website, so it's a win for everyone.

I guess that I should head to my workshop and fire up the saw and router after posting this thread .....

My sincere thanks to Stephæn for the positive review .....

Happy listening,

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Re: Six Moons review of the Betsy baffles
Reply #1 - 02/12/18 at 20:21:57
Congratulations Randy! I spread the news to the Decware Facebook page(s) and a few audiophile Facebook groups.
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Re: Six Moons review of the Betsy baffles
Reply #2 - 02/14/18 at 00:39:37
Decware gets a mention later on:

"Do you or some frugal friend see a road trip in your future? Indeed, you can hear the Betsy speakers at other locations across our great land:

The Decware Audio listening room in East Peoria, IL
Decware Audio

The Caintuck listening room in northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati, OH)
Caintuck.OB @ outlook.com

Dave - central Michigan near Mount Pleasant
the_hurdy_gurdyman @ yahoo.com

Peter - Altadena, CA
pcamperos @ msn.com

Ivan - Mundelein, IL (about 40 miles from Chicago)
ivancy1920 @ gmail.com
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Re: Six Moons review of the Betsy baffles
Reply #3 - 02/17/18 at 20:58:16
nice!  congrats Randy!
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Re: Six Moons review of the Betsy baffles
Reply #4 - 02/20/18 at 22:51:26
Very nice review, Randy. Congrats! I haven't tried the associated equipment yet, but the notes on Caintuck Audio Betsy sound right from what I hear.

Dave  :)
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