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Question for VPI owners (Read 2524 times)
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Question for VPI owners
01/17/18 at 17:16:08
Is anyone using a Decware interconnect from your VPI junction box to your phono stage?  If so how is it working out?
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super zen triode - omega shoa monitors - VPI prime - airtight pc7 - liberty audio b2b1 - zenwave audio speaker cables and i/c's - various power cables
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Re: Question for VPI owners
Reply #1 - 02/05/21 at 05:31:59
I have a Decware dag interconnect between my VPI and zmc1 and itís fabulous. No problems.
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Home: Torii MKIV-25, ZP3-25, HR-1ís, ZLC, DSR, DHC-1, PSA DSD, ZRock2, SA8005, Zenstiyx, VPI Prime, Hana ML, ZMC1.
Work: SE84UFO-25, Schiit modi, Trapeziums, MacBook air, Audirvana aiff. Also have a pair of ESS AMT 1Cís in workout room with a cxnv2.
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