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ERRx vs Ohm (Read 7169 times)
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ERRx vs Ohm
11/12/17 at 00:42:14
I had some friends visit from out of town during the Capital Audiofest. My friend picked up a a demo pair of Ohm Micro Talls for a reasonable price. He brought them back to my house so that I could ship them to him since he’s flying. They were sitting right next to my ERRx speakers. I just had to do an A/B comparison.

I first tried the Ohms and liked the tone but found them to sound a little thin and a little shy on bass. They did sound better in the smaller hotel room but not a true radial sound to me. I went back to my trusty ERRx and the sound stage grew to enormous proportions not to mention completely dissapearing in the room. The beautiful sound of these speakers reaffirmed my love of the ERRx. I had forgotten just how good they are. I also want to mention that I heard the German Physics at the show and wasn’t really impressed. Not 38K impressed by a long shot.
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Tommy Freefall
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Re: ERRx vs Ohm
Reply #1 - 11/16/17 at 00:12:00
Ilance, I have the ERRxs, but have always been curious about the sound of the GPs since they are a similar speaker design and because of the obscene prices they sell for.
I guess I'm not terribly surprised at your ho-hum impression of them.
It doesn't sound like we're missing out on anything!
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