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05/28/22 at 23:09:00 

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Considering Some Kamilkaze Tube Rolling (Read 2179 times)
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Considering Some Kamilkaze Tube Rolling
04/01/16 at 04:06:48
Hello to everyone in Decware Land.  I wills ono be a new Taboo III user (ordered early in the new year, amp has been shipped and is expected to arrive in a couple of more days).  Should sound wonderful based on word-of-mouth, I am using Audeze LCD 3 headphones and am planning on using the 4 pin XLR balanced connection (already have the 4 XLR headphone cable).  I hope that this will recapture the magic that I once had with a 1977 made pair of Stax SRX electrostatic headphones using a DIY direct drive tube based driver unit (using 6922 tubes, circuit published in an early edition of Glass Audio).  I am planning on using the stock tubes for the first little while to get a sense of the sound of the Taboo III, after that I have plans for some Kamilkaze tube rolling (have the adapters for the tube sockets)  i would like to know if there are any pitfalls to the following tube subs:

1) Using the archaic type 80 rectifier for the stock rectifier, the information that I have found indicated that the Type 80 is equivalent to the 5Y3.

2) using a 6SN7 for the input tube, I also have gold pin 6N1's, gold pin Dutch made Amperex 6922's, Voskod 6N23P's, and Seimens CCA's (2 different vintages.

3) using 6V6's for the putput tubes (gotta like a tube that was first designed and manufactured in 1936, besides, this will make the amp kinda look like the output stage of the Garnet Herzog)

Any potential pitfalls to the above such as sub-optimal operating points?
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