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10/24/21 at 01:32:00 


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SE34-I volume jumping issue (standby switch) (Read 5031 times)
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SE34-I volume jumping issue (standby switch)
07/02/14 at 18:27:43
Hey guys,

new to the forumn but I have a SE34-I and the volume jumps up and down, no matter what type of source is being inputted into the amp (ipod, turn table, etc).  Its taken me over a year to finally figure it out but after buying multiple preamps, and testing and rolling tubes, I think I have narrowed it down to the right channel standby switch.  When i switch it from an off to on position it sounds a little dirty and scratchy and the lightest vibration or tapping to it affects the volume levels significantly.  

I was wondering if theres an easy fix I could do to this so I dont have to ship it all the way down south (I am canadian).

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