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05/11/21 at 01:25:35 


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One thing leads to another...... (Read 3426 times)
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One thing leads to another......
05/07/14 at 15:04:26
Thought I`d drop this in as it came as a surprise.
Daft idea to try using the bi-wiring option on my ML`s by just connecting different type cables onto the existing ones amp outputs and just connecting up to the 2nd set of sp inputs. Result ; an EL34 failure on my bridged Rachaels. Scrubbed that idea and got back to normal. Then later there was an intermittent cut out on the right channel. To remedy it I found I had to touch and jiggle a little the i/c on the CSP2+ pre out. Must be the i/c I thought as they were a bit stretched because I use  1/2 and  1 metre i/c`s to join up to the Rachaels, either side. No big deal I thought, it only happens every couple of days. This is all 9 months ago

So, reel forward, the ZP3 and CSP2+ go in for the jupiter caps. They come back.
I`m looking at the pre/outs on the CSP2+ and one of the black marker lines is missing. Hm, whats occuring ? When I look at the invoice it lists
1 pot replaced cost $0 !
No more channel probs.
I`m thinking how did he find it ?
Now thats thorough !

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Re: One thing leads to another......
Reply #1 - 05/13/14 at 15:58:44

Yeah, they do thoroughly test them. I've stopped by while testing is going on, and the guys really pay attention when even a niggle of something doesn't seem right.

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