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Photos of your diffusers in place? (Read 1758 times)
Lonely Raven
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Photos of your diffusers in place?
08/29/13 at 19:56:31

I just love seeing people's setups, especially if they take the time to setup some proper room treatments.

Anyone have some photos of their Decware (or other brand) diffusers in situ?

I don't have Decware diffusers exactly, but I bought the plans many, many years ago, and built these with some scrap wood I had around.

They were later cleaned up (they got a little bumped around in moving from my apartment to my house), stained with a dark cherry stain, and setup on the back walls of my home theater with some flutter breaking diffusers I designed and build from 20 year old oak staircase treads.

The shiny spots are screws and glue, you don't see them otherwise. I mounted the diffusers by putting up some 2X2 furring strips across the wall into the studs, then screwing the diffusers directly to the 2X2. I further deadened them by sliding some acoustic blanked in the 2" space behind the speakers. These were heavy! Including all the absorbers in my home theater, I've easily got 1000# worth of treatment around the room!  :D
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Re: Photos of your diffusers in place?
Reply #1 - 09/01/13 at 13:13:59
Need more pictures to form any judgement. Wink

I have four of Zygi's diffuser kits.  Next time I'll let him assemble the SOB's.  Shipping cost should be the same but the time to slapping on the wall would be greatly reduced.

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